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July 2015

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San Francisco Magazine Recognizes San Mateo

Receives 2015 Smart City Award

San Francisco Magazine Smart City Award

San Francisco Magazine recognizes San Mateo with 2015 Smart City Award

San Francisco Magazine launched its Inaugural Smart City Award to recognize the creative and innovative ways cities throughout the Bay Area are approaching solutions to urbanism, social justice, sustainability, health and safety as well as many other civic issues. San Mateo made the list and was recognized for the Bay Meadows development and the approach developer, Wilson Meany and financial partner Stockbridge Capital, took to  creating San Mateo’s newest community.

In addition to housing and spaces for office and retail development, the Bay Meadows neighborhood has created a sense of place by incorporating parks, “social streets,” and opportunities for community interaction.

Chris Meany, of developer Wilson Meany was quoted in the June edition of San Francisco Magazine where the award was featured. “We wanted to create a place where people would engage with each other as opposed to having an isolated suburban environment where you have to drive 5-miles to the store and 20-miles to the office.”

San Francisco Magazine 2015 Best of List

Additionally, several San Mateo businesses and points of interest also made San Francisco Magazine’s Best of San Francisco List and were featured in the July issue.

The next time you’re out and about, visit these local spots and enjoy what’s best of San Mateo.

Cooking ClassKitchentown and Baking Arts
Public Gardens: Japanese Tea Garden, Central Park
Ramen: Ramen DoJo
Record Store: Vinyl Solution
Dog Walker: Paws Dog Camp

Congratulations to Bay Meadows as well as the local businesses and services that made the Best of List.

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San Mateo City Council Places Measure L Extension on November Ballot

Measure Would Continue Locally Controlled Funding With No Increase in Tax Rate

The San Mateo City Council unanimously placed a local funding measure on the November 2015 ballot to extend the existing voter-approved Measure L. If approved by voters this November, this extension measure would continue locally-controlled funds, allowing the City to address key infrastructure and service priorities without raising tax rates.

Measure L was approved by San Mateo voters during one of the worst economic times of our day. While the economy has begun to improve, historical State takeaways- over $50 Million in the last 25 years- coupled with a slow recovery from the recession have impacted San Mateo’s ability to address basic city needs. An extension of Measure L would allow the City to continue addressing the quality of life issues San Mateo residents have told us they want and deserve, with funding that cannot be taken by the State and without raising tax rates.

Recently, the City of San Mateo concluded a study which showed over $360 Million in basic infrastructure needs without an identified funding source. An extension of Measure L would allow the City to address these issues and maintain quality of life services that include; maintaining sidewalks, potholes and failed streets, crime prevention and after school, anti-gang and recreation programs, 9-11 emergency response times and fire protection, without raising tax rates.

The City prides itself on its award-winning budgetary practices and financial accountability provisions. No measure funds can be spent on City administrators’ salaries, and includes mandatory financial audits and reports to the community. A Citizens’ Oversight Committee will also ensure that all voter-approved funds continue to be spent responsibly, consistent with community priorities. For additional information, visit

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Parking and the Future of Downtown

It May Not Be What You Think!

The future of downtown is upon us! The City of San Mateo invites you to the final Downtown Future Forum taking place on Wednesday, July 22nd at Kingfish Restaurant in San Mateo from 5:45 to 7:30 p.m.

Join us for a lively discussion on the future of parking in Downtown San Mateo. A talented panel of transportation and parking practitioners will provide insight on the opportunities to improve parking conditions that support existing and futures uses in and around downtown areas. Their ideas may not be what you think, so come with an open mind to discuss how the latest parking strategies are being implemented locally and throughout the region.We’ll look at the ways updated parking standards, increased efficiencies, and differing attitudes around parking and transportation relate to Downtown San Mateo.

Please register using Eventbrite. Visit Engage Downtown San Mateo for more information about the Downtown Future Forums and for more information about the Downtown Engagement Process.

Meet our panelists

Jeffrey Tumlin, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard
Brian Canepa, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard
Willa Ng, Principal Transportation Planner, Parking and Transportation Demand Management, City of Berkeley

Catering provided by  Kingfish Restaurant

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