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September 2016

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Ease Your Commute With Scoop!

San Mateo Launches Carpooling App – Offers Benefit and Convenience of Automated Carpooling to Employees and Residents

San Mateo and its neighbor, Foster City announced a groundbreaking partnership with Scoop Technologies. The first-of-its-kind program aims to decrease the number of cars on the road and lessen the traffic burdens of commuters going to and from the region.

Anyone with a home or work address in either city will benefit from the program. The cities will utilize the Scoop carpooling app which enables commuters to share their commutes with coworkers and neighbors. The initiative launches October 10 and offers participants rides to work for $2, or the ability to drive and be reimbursed 50-100% of their commute costs. Foster City and San Mateo are contributing $60,000 and $30,000 towards the program, respectively.

“Foster City sits at the entrance to the San Mateo Bridge and is impacted by Bay Area commute time traffic. We want to lessen that impact, not just for commuters but also for our residents. Our partnership with Scoop not only creates temporary incentives to encourage carpooling, but, we hope, will help change the way people think about commuting,” said Foster City Vice Mayor Charlie Bronitsky.

Download Scoop App for a flexible, easier commute

Daily Commute

Share your commute with Scoop! Download the app and team up with others traveling the same direction.

Commuters can begin scheduling carpools on October 1, with trips starting on Monday, October 10. By partnering with Scoop and sponsoring the program, the two cities will help commuters change their behavior through discounted trip prices. Participation in the program is easy once a commuter downloads the app at or from the iOS or Android app stores.

This program comes at a time when the San Francisco Bay Area is ranked as having the second-worst traffic in the nation. Getting commuters to carpool has historically been difficult, but Scoop makes the process easy, efficient, and flexible through their application. Since launching in 2015, Scoop has become the nationwide leader in carpooling.

To date, commuters have taken more than 225,000 Scoop trips, offsetting 1,750,000 commute miles and lowering carbon emissions by 1,300,000 million pounds. Scoop is currently available to commuters who work in eight Bay Area cities, with Foster City and San Mateo becoming the ninth and tenth. They are the first cities to sponsor Scoop trips for both residents and employees.

“Relieving traffic congestion is one of the San Mateo City Council’s highest priorities,” said San Mateo Mayor Joe Goethals. “We believe that an integrated approach of offering a diverse set of transportation options, including Scoop and other innovative options, can make a significant difference.”

Benefits of public/private partnerships

“Scoop is honored to partner with Foster City and San Mateo to offer a solution to the challenges residents face in their commutes,” said Rob Sadow, CEO of Scoop. “These cities are leaders in providing better lives for their residents while lowering emissions to improve the environment. Through this program, they are setting an example for other cities to follow as congestion remains a top concern for both the public and private sector.”

Employer relationships are integral to Scoop’s business model. In Foster City, Scoop will partner with Visa, Gilead, and Metro Center to bring carpooling to each company’s employees. Scoop partners with major employers, office parks, and local governments through the Bay Area to offer employees an affordable and effective transportation solution. Other partners include, Cisco, Workday, Tesla, and Sandisk, representing more than 200,000 San Francisco Bay Area commuters. Scoop also partners with public organizations such as Bay Area MTC and 511. For more information, visit

San Mateo's Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Community Meetings Potential Wastewater Storage Locations

San Mateo Public Works Department Holds Community Meetings on Potential Locations for Underground Wastewater Storage

If you are following the discussion about the Clean Water Program and potential locations for underground wastewater storage, then please take the time to attend one of these two meetings taking place on October 4th and 6th at San Mateo City Hall. This is an important conversation for our community, and San Mateo city official appreciate your input while we are making decisions.

The city of San Mateo invites members of all San Mateo neighborhoods to attend upcoming community meetings regarding underground wastewater storage to address the City’s issue of sanitary sewer overflows. During these meetings, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about various topics pertaining to wastewater management and storage and provide input on potential storage location alternatives and the selection process.

Why do we have to consider locations for wastewater storage?

To meet regulatory requirements and to fulfill key components of the Clean Water Program, the City must address wastewater (sanitary sewer) overflows that occur during heavy rains. The City’s Public Works Department is considering potential locations for wastewater storage (in the form of underground basins or tunnels) that, when constructed, will help eliminate these overflows, protect public health and water quality of the SF Bay, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Please attend the following community meetings

Both take place in Council Chambers at San Mateo City Hall – 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

  • Tuesday, October 4, 2016; 6:30-8:30pm;
  • Thursday, October 6, 2016; 6:30-8:30pm;

If you are unable to attend the meetings, copies of the presentations will be posted on the Clean Water Program website a few days after the meetings.

About the Clean Water Program

The Clean Water Program is a comprehensive plan to upgrade the aging wastewater collection and treatment system with advanced infrastructure that will protect the Bay and provide reliable services for years to come.

For additional information on the Clean Water Program or if you are unable to attend the meetings, please visit


Speak UP San Mateo!
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Get engaged with the City of San Mateo!

Speak UP San Mateo! Go online to share your thoughts and ideas. Get engaged in the public process.

Even with community input, the city of San Mateo has made difficult decisions and is having challenging conversations. We’ve increased the minimum wage; businesses are upset. We’re having discussions about the location of underground storage facilities; alarming one neighborhood.

If the public process leaves you scratching your head wondering, does the city listen, you’re not alone? City staff often wonder what other ways are there to get the publics’ attention, so that we can have an authentic dialogue about the new initiatives we are considering.

Fortunately, technology is making it more possible for this conversation to happen. Today the City of San Mateo launches Speak UP San Mateo!, an online engagement platform that provides the community with a way to share thoughts and ideas with the city about a particular program or initiative.

How does it work?

Get engaged San Mateo

Access Speak UP San Mateo! via the city’s website. Start sharing your ideas with project managers and decision-makers.

Speak UP San Mateo! is an easy way to get engaged in the public process. Access the platform online via the city’s website and click on one of the active topics. Review the question or the topic detail and click on the button to add an idea. You can add your idea anonymously or by creating an account and logging in. You can share your idea publicly or privately with the project manager, and if you choose others can respond to your comment. The project manager will track responses and will use this information when considering the next steps of a project.

What can I do besides share ideas?

Speak UP San Mateo! is a comprehensive engagement tool that is more than just a place to exchange ideas. The city can also post surveys and polls as well as topics that provide the community with opportunities to prioritize project goals, initiatives or outcomes; it also possible to invite input into the budget process, and gather feedback at various milestones within a larger project. Some topics encourage community members to share photos and post ideas to an area plan or a map.

The platform simplifies the analysis and reporting process too. Once the topic closes, the project manager will have the ability to run a report that automatically analyzes the information collected. It can be shared online with those who responded as well as with other decision-makers. The reporting helps to keep the community more informed and engaged in the issues that the city is considering.

Why get online?

Speak UP San Mateo!

Public meetings and workshops are a commitment of time. Speak UP San Mateo! meets people online providing another avenue to engage with your community.

Everyone is busy! Who has time (or at times even the interest) to attend a public meeting or workshop? But many of you care about San Mateo and want to get engaged in some of the decisions that impact your neighborhood or community. Online engagement is an effective way to reach a broader audience, share information, and invite input from those who are interested in a specific topic.

An engaged community is a better community. Fortunately, there is more than one way to share ideas and influence the public process. Public meetings and workshops are often held, and the city shares information on Nextdoor, via email, through social media channels, and using other digital sources like this blog.

Speak UP San Mateo! is one additional way for you to share your ideas. Visit this online engagement platform and participate in the active topic. It’s an easy one! Tell us what you like best about living or working in San Mateo. Other topics are coming soon. We look forward to your participation and input.

Please contact Rebecca Zito, Communications and Marketing Program Manager if you have questions about using Speak UP San Mateo!