Renovated Park Restroom at a city park in San Mateo
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National Public Works Week: Better Park Bathrooms

National Public Works Week is May 21 through 27. This week we’ll be highlighting activities that the San Mateo Public Works Department is doing to make this community better for all residents. Renovating and creating better park bathrooms is another example of how the Public Work’s Department reaches the lives of residents throughout our community. Visit the city’s website for more information about your Public Works Department.

Park Bathrooms Get a Facelift

The City of San Mateo’s Public Works Department recently completed major renovations of the bathrooms in six City parks.

“They were all in deplorable condition,” said David Fink, the City’s Facilities and Fleet Services Manager. “They were the number one complaint that Parks and Recreation heard about each year. Most had not been updated in 15 to 25 years.”

The six parks with updated facilities are Beresford, Central, King, Joinville, Los Prados, and Parkside Aquatic. The Public Works Department conducted extensive research to select materials that were durable, sustainable, easy to maintain and attractive.

Improvements included new wall coverings made of a solid, natural stone surface that is durable and resistant to damage. New flooring material that cleans easily. New sinks include concrete decks that also double as baby changing tables. Sinks and toilets feature low-flow fixtures. New partitions in the bathrooms were selected for easy maintenance and low cost. Lights were updated with energy-efficient, LED lighting to save on energy and costs.

“We’ve received excellent feedback from residents,” said Fink.

Keep reading throughout the week to learn more about what San Mateo’s Public Works Department is doing to make the community better for all San Mateo residents. Subscribe to San Mateo Insider to stay up to date about all that’s happening at the city of San Mateo.


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