San Mateo Public Works Department teams up with Recology to pick-up large debris left on street.
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National Public Works Week: Keeping Streets Clean

National Public Works Week is May 21 through 27. This week we are highlighting activities that the San Mateo Public Works Department is doing to make this community better for all residents. Keeping streets clean and free of debris is one of the many services the Public Works Department provides. Learn more about the services and activities provided by San Mateo’s Public Works Department by visiting the city’s website.

Public Works Teams Up with Recology. Together they are Keeping Streets Clean.

The Public Works Department has been working hard to decrease the amount of illegal dumping on our city streets. Every day, items like mattresses, couches, cabinets and bags of garbage are left on our streets. To keep our streets cleaner, we’ve teamed up with Recology for the pick-ups of illegal dumping.
The following table shows the number of locations Recology has visited to pick up debris from the public right-of-way. The numbers shown compare the first 5.5 months of the last three years, from January 1 to May 15.

In this timeframe, we’ve seen about a 40 percent decrease in the number of illegal dumping locations, achieved through hard work and diligence in keeping our streets clean.






Debris Pickups (January 1 through May 15)




Public Works now sends out letters to property owners, encouraging them to take responsibility for their property and their tenants. We inform them about Recology’s Curbside Bulky Item Collection, which allows them to schedule a convenient individual or multi-tenant pick-up. We’ve also installed seven cameras in the spots that have the most incidents of illegal dumping to discourage people from dumping their belongings in the public right-of-way.

Each of these efforts is key to making a difference in cleaner streets for the City of San Mateo, a cause at the root of our work.

We hope you’re enjoying the information we are providing about San Mateo’s Public Works Department. Please continue reading to learn more about all they do to make the community better for all San Mateo residents.

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