example of a bioretention area in San Mateo that helps reduce pollution in stormwater runoff
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National Public Works Week: Sustainable Streets

National Public Works Week is May 21 through 27 (today’s article is a bonus). This week we are highlighting activities that the San Mateo Public Works Department is doing to make this community better for all residents. The department has recently started moving forward with a comprehensive sustainable streets program, which will offer many environmental and health benefits to our residents and community. Learn more about the services and activities provided by San Mateo’s Public Works Department by visiting the city’s website.

Creating Safe, Sustainable Streets

The city of San Mateo’s Public Works Department is committed to creating safer, more sustainable streets throughout our service area. As part of our ongoing work, we are planning and creating “green streets”—streets that are cleaner, pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, and safer for a wide range of users.

“We are committed to developing a first-class transportation network that will allow for safe movement by any individual whether by car, on a bike, or on foot,” said Brad Underwood, San Mateo’s Public Works Director.

In late 2016, the City was awarded grant funds from the State Water Resources Control Board to improve stormwater runoff from our streets. These funds will be used to pay for special upgrades—called bioretention areas–in three upcoming projects.

The bioretention areas are designed not only to beautify the landscape, they will retain and filter storm water runoff that is contaminated with a variety of chemicals, such as car oil, so that these contaminants do not end up in our creeks and lagoon or the San Francisco Bay.

The grant funds include:

  • $120,000 for improvements along East Poplar
  • $75,000 for improvements near the Beresford Park parking lot
  • $435,000 for improvements along North San Mateo Drive

Construction of the improvements near Beresford Park is planned to begin in late summer or fall 2017, with the other improvements expected to begin in 2018.

We hope you’re enjoying the information we are providing about San Mateo’s Public Works Department. Please continue reading to learn more about all they do to make the community better for all San Mateo residents.

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