101st Airborne Deployed Troops 2015

The 101st Airborne Says “Thank you, San Mateo!”

The San Mateo community continues to show tremendous support to our adopted unit, 1/327 Alpha Company 101st Airborne. The recent care package drive organized by the San Mateo City Clerk’s Office is a great indication of your dedication to our troops. Your contributions of snacks, books, movies, personal hygiene products, letters, artwork, and monetary donations were appreciated by the brave men and women stationed in Djibouti, Africa.

Letters of Thanks from the 101st Airborne.

Our adopted troops were excited to receive the care packages and sent several letters of thanks and gratitude to the San Mateo community. The two letters below are examples of how much these care packages mean to our soldiers.

Dear San Mateo,

Thank you for everything you sent to all of us and taking the time to put it all together. I also appreciate all the letters you sent. You have no idea how much it means to us when we receive your letters and read all the nice supporting things you have to say. I hope to come visit San Mateo some day in the future and come give all of you a personal thanks and tell you how happy I was to receive your package. You guys are the best.


SPC Robert “Bob” Immenshuh

Another one recognizing the kids and our city volunteers

Dear Kids and Volunteers of San Mateo,

Thank you for the care package and all of the goodies. Getting the package and what was inside sure put a big smile on my face. Your letters and very good artwork made it easier here from all the care and thought put into each and every one. I am so glad and thankful for all the support from you all. Thanks again for everything.

With much gratitude,
SPC Tyler Betts

Continue Sending Boxes of Cheer and Good Wishes

Just in time for the Fourth of July, the City  Clerk’s Office is at it again – organizing a Red, White, and Blue Care Package Drive to reach our troops for the most patriotic of holidays. If you would like to participate please send donations of money, snacks, personal hygiene products, or write letters to our troops by June 14th. Your contributions can be submitted to the Clerk’s Office.

More information about the Red, White, and Blue Care Package Drive and San Mateo’s relationship with the 101st  Airborne is available on the city’s website.


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