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Parking and the Future of Downtown

It May Not Be What You Think!

The future of downtown is upon us! The City of San Mateo invites you to the final Downtown Future Forum taking place on Wednesday, July 22nd at Kingfish Restaurant in San Mateo from 5:45 to 7:30 p.m.

Join us for a lively discussion on the future of parking in Downtown San Mateo. A talented panel of transportation and parking practitioners will provide insight on the opportunities to improve parking conditions that support existing and futures uses in and around downtown areas. Their ideas may not be what you think, so come with an open mind to discuss how the latest parking strategies are being implemented locally and throughout the region.We’ll look at the ways updated parking standards, increased efficiencies, and differing attitudes around parking and transportation relate to Downtown San Mateo.

Please register using Eventbrite. Visit Engage Downtown San Mateo for more information about the Downtown Future Forums and for more information about the Downtown Engagement Process.

Meet our panelists

Jeffrey Tumlin, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard
Brian Canepa, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard
Willa Ng, Principal Transportation Planner, Parking and Transportation Demand Management, City of Berkeley

Catering provided by  Kingfish Restaurant

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Attend the first Downtown Future Forums. A key component of the Downtown Engagement Process

San Mateo Downtown EngagementDowntown 2050: How social and economic trends are re-shaping the future of downtowns

We are excited to introduce the first in the series of San Mateo Downtown Future Forums on Wednesday, April 1st from 6-7:30pm at the San Mateo Public Library. The forums are a key component of the San Mateo Downtown Engagement process, leading to an update of the City’s Downtown Area Plan later this year. This kick-off event will focus on the direction of regional social and economic development and how downtowns are responding to them (e.g., by balancing development activity with the need for a diverse range of housing, office space, retail, community-oriented amenities, and parking).

The discussion will include an overview of emerging socio-demographic trends impacting downtowns, followed by a panel discussion with local representatives from cities around the Bay Area who are leading Downtown initiatives. The format of the forum will be designed to encourage community feedback, interaction and discussion. We hope you can attend!

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The Future Forums is one of several ways to participate in the Downtown Engagement strategy. Share your thoughts and be part of the process by visiting the Downtown Engagement website for more information, join the online conversation at San Mateo Town Hall, and visit us at Central Park on Saturday, March 21st to participate in a Pop-up Workshop. We want to hear from you!