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National Public Works Week: Clean Water Program

National Public Works Week is May 21 through 27. This week we are highlighting activities that the San Mateo Public Works Department is doing to make the community better for all residents. The Clean Water Program is one of the major initiatives of the Public Works Department, which will result in the protection of residents and the environment. Learn more about the services and activities provided by San Mateo’s Public Works Department by visiting the city’s website.

The Clean Water Program: Protecting You and the Environment

The City of San Mateo’s Clean Water Program is a major investment in our community’s vital infrastructure.

Under this ambitious 10-year program, the City is undertaking the largest rehabilitation of our aging sewer system since before 1960. It is urgently needed to modernize our system and to reduce the risks of raw sewage spilling into the streets during storms. The City’s primary goals for this program are to protect community health and the health of our creeks, lagoon and the Bay.

The Clean Water Program includes several elements that directly respond to a Regional Water Quality Control Board Cease and Desist Order to stop sewer overflows, as well as to comply with permit requirements that allow us to discharge our treated wastewater into San Francisco Bay. Construction has already begun on several critical projects, with more to come.

Important features of the CWP include:

  • New and upgraded treatment plant facilities with more capacity to treat high inflows during heavy rains and to treat wastewater to strict California Reclaimed Water standards for recycled water uses, such as landscape irrigation.
  • Pipeline and pump station improvements that will, along with a new underground storage basin, provide adequate capacity to reduce sewer overflows, improve the management of flows within the system and temporarily store excess flows during heavy rains.
  • More rigorous odor control than provided by existing facilities.

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We hope you are enjoying the information we are providing about San Mateo’s Public Works Department. Please continue reading to learn more about all they do to make the community better for all San Mateo residents.

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