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Reaching the City of San Mateo? There’s an app for that.

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Download the “YourGov” app to report common maintenance issues to the City of San Mateo.

San Mateo’s new “YourGov” app, powered by Cartegraph, provides an easier way to reach the City of San Mateo. Download the new app to your phone and use it to submit and report common maintenance requests to San Mateo’s Public Works Department.

With the app, reaching the City of San Mateo is easier and anyone with a smartphone, iPhone, or tablet can submit a service request using “YourGov”. As long as you are located within San Mateo city boundaries, you can submit a request, take a photo, and send it on for completion.

What Can I Report Using “YourGov”?

During this initial phase, community members can submit a request to notify Public Works of a sidewalk trip or fall hazard, a pothole, a damaged sign, or alert the City to a streetlight that is out. The requests will go directly to the maintenance staff responsible for scheduling and completing the work.

Improved Operations for Public Works

“YourGov” works in conjunction with Cartegraph’s operations management system helping to track assets and resources, streamline data entry, and manage requests. The backbone of the system is a database of City assets (streetlights, roads, and sewer pipes) and resources (staff time, vehicles, and equipment). Public Works now has the ability to track how much is being spent on routine and unexpected work, and can more easily schedule the work needed to maintain City infrastructure and facilities.

This change has even brought technology to the field! Public Works maintenance staff and Parks field works are using iPads to communicate with Cartegraph’s backend reporting system. This allows for faster data entry and improves communication with others involved.

Download “YourGov” and start using today!

The City is excited to have the “YourGov” app and Caregraph’s operation management system in place. Community members are encouraged to download the app for either their iPhone or Android and begin using the app to contact the City.




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